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Please note the list of Development below is from Google so some may not work but most I check are ok with the Address.

Trethewey / Dawson
New England Highway
Deepwater NSW 2371
Phone  02 67 345 300
Below here the Source Google for Developers and more about 70 Organisation. Deepwater is the place to buy your Adjustable Piers Caps . Australia Made talk to us and we will look after you.
Trethewey/Dawson. Ask for John or Eddie or Phone, 02 67 345 300 


Adjustable Pier Cap
An Adjustable Pier Cap is a levelling device for new steel or timber flooring systems and for readjusting levels in case of sinkage.

Pier Caps are placed over SHS piers then tek-screwed (14g) to pier through holes in angle iron retainers. The same process applies to the footing plate.

The Cap and SHS metal Piers are ideal for old homes - for restumping and levelling and to push or pull warps out of old timber bearers.

Piers should be cemented in if pulling warps out of old timber bearers, other wise footing plates can be used on cement pads

A message to the Builder .
For new homes. Restumping of older homes, Verandas. Footing plates to suit cap size.
Available in the following sizes, to suit 65mm SHS, 75mm SHS, 89mm SHS, 90mm SHS & 100mm SHS.
Fully Certified to the requirements of the Australian Standard Codes suitable for use in cyclonic and non cyclonic areas.
Engineers Certificate included.
No welding required

Modular Carports
These Modular Carports  are pleasant looking and you can have any amount of modules beginning with one modular to any other number, so you can have a carport that suits your money and you can add modules easily.
Notice have you have no pillars getting in the way as you park your Vehicle, Car, or any other Vehicle